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Spirituality and Business

Spirituality and business

“I wear many hats” is an expression that we often hear today.  Just as we usually wear only one hat at a time, we also tend to live compartmentalized lives.  We sometimes fail to recognize the interconnectedness of life.

Spirituality and business are two hats that are deeply interconnected.  One’s view of God, humanity and the world strongly influences one’s view of business.  We do not do things in a vacuum.  Rather, we are intentional beings searching for value and meaning in life.

Nelson’s spirituality is centered not on a philosophy or ideology, but rather on a person.  And that person is Jesus, who lived a humbled yet extraordinary life on earth.  He demonstrated goodness, truth and beauty.  He was crucified unjustly.  Yet amazingly, he rose back to life on the third day. As the risen one who is the physical embodiment and the perfect revelation of God, Jesus brings forth life and meaning to humanity’s deepest level through the Holy Spirit.

The present world cries aloud in its brokenness.  Things are not right.  Therefore, Nelson responds to such reality by trusting Jesus and modeling his qualities in his relationships with others.

So how is this connected to business? Business matters to Jesus because a business’ main purpose is to provide goods and services that enable humanity to thrive.  Profit is a mean, not an end.  Loving staff, customers, animals and even the natural environment take priority over money and power.  Furthermore, businesses should seek to operate responsibly, including financial reporting and tax filing.  Ethics and integrity matter because we are called to be like God (but not be God).

Let us create a society where humanity and the rest of nature flourish in the long run.