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Business – Self-Employed

Whether you are an entrepreneur, contractor, independent professional or investor, we have the expertise to deal with your unique tax situation.  We are responsive to your emails and phone calls.  We provide CPA level services.  And we offer competitive pricing.

Do what you love.  And let us do what we love.

Monthly bookkeeping

We work with high quality bookkeepers to take care of your accounting needs so that you can focus on growing your business.  Book a free consultation today.

Tax filings

Whether it is the annual tax return, payroll remittances, GST filings or PST filings, we got them covered for you.  All tax filings will be done on a timely basis and with care.

Tax planning & incorporation

Has your situation changed?  Want to explore whether incorporation now makes sense for you?  We will provide sound advice so that you can make the right decisions.


We all face unique and challenging situations.  Contact us if you would like independent advice in tax and financial matters.


Income tax return
$300 and up

Income tax return & GST return
$350 and up