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Whether you’re a student, working professional or retiree, we have the expertise to help you optimize your taxes.  We are responsive to your emails and phone calls.  We provide CPA level services.  And we offer competitive pricing.

Tax return preparation

Each tax return is done with attention and care. Every individual receives an in-depth and personalized assessment of their unique tax situation so that all potential tax savings and tax compliance issues are accounted for. Book a free consultation today.

Disability tax credit application

Did you know that an adult who qualifies for the disability tax credit could receive approximately $1,700 per year, and that for a qualified child it is $5,000 per year (including the child disability benefit)?  The tax credit could be applied retroactively for up to ten years.  Contact us today to see whether you or your loved one would qualify.

Non-resident tax filings

If you are a non-resident of Canada and owns Canadian property or receives Canadian income, you may be subject to certain withholding taxes and tax filing requirements.  The most common tax filing requirements include NR4 summary, T2062 Certificate of Compliance, and S116 & S216 tax returns.

Succession & estate planning

Proper succession and estate planning ensures your personal assets will be smoothly passed on to your beneficiaries.  We are prepared to guide you in the process and ensure the transfers are tax efficient and in accordance with your wishes.

Compliance with Canada Revenue Agency

Are you facing an audit from Canada Revenue Agency?  Or do you have an unresolved tax matter?  We can help you deal with Canada Revenue Agency and resolve your tax issues in an effective and efficient manner.

Divorce settlement

Dividing property and debts in a divorce can be complicated.  Having a third-party professional accountant can provide independent calculations and help settle the matter more quickly.

Entering or leaving Canada

Canadian taxes are complex.  Contact us to learn about how the Canadian tax system work.  If you’re leaving Canada, your assets (e.g. investments, real estate) may be subject to a deemed disposition.


We all face unique and challenging situations.  Contact us if you want independent advice in tax and financial matters. Book a free consultation today.


Individual tax return
$150 and up

  • Employment income
  • Rental income and expenses
  • Various tax credits (tuition, donation, disability, etc.)

Couple’s tax returns
$200 and up

  • Spousal and family tax credits
  • Child care deductions
  • Tax optimization