Choosing A New Corporate Tax Accountant

Are you looking for a good new accountant to help you with your company’s taxes?  Here are some characteristics you should ask:

  1. Is the accountant a CPA?  A licensed CPA is accountable to a regulated professional association and has achieved a certain level of education and experience to ensure competency.
  2. When does the CPA usually respond to email and phone calls?  A response time by the next 1-2 business days would be good.
  3. Did the CPA explain the various relevant potential corporate tax savings to you such as salary versus dividend, GST Quick Method versus Regular Method, different ways to claim vehicle expenses, deducting life insurance in a company, donating under company versus personal name, etc.?  Some accountants don’t proactively communicate with the clients.

If you’re planning to switch accountants, the process is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Send to the new accountant the latest year-end records prepared by your old accountant.
  2. Email your old accountant to give permission to release any additional records needed to your new accountant, and cc your new accountant.
  3. Sign an engagement letter and setup CRA authorization with the new accountant.

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